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Abortions are legal up to 20 weeks in India after which people have petition a court for permission which can be granted in special circumstances.

The baby was born by Caesarean section in August, but the girl was not told she was pregnant.

The 48-year-old Nashville-bound woman and 28-year-old Miami-bound man were busted Sunday on the Los Angeles-to-Detroit flight after she performed oral sex on him, WDIV reported. The feds said the two could be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony.

“The act itself is inappropriate in a public space,” one traveler told the station. “If people will go so far as to disrespect themselves and disrespect you, something should be done,” another passenger said.

Instead her parents said she had a stone in her stomach which she needed an operation to remove.

The girl’s parents first took her to the doctor earlier this year when they were concerned that she was gaining weight. The child eventually revealed in a counselling session that she had been raped by one of her uncles.

A couple of strangers aboard a Delta airliner joined the “Mile High Club” — all from the comfort of their seats, according to reports. These things should be respected.” The lusty duo were issued citations for the raunchy in-flight entertainment, and the matter ended in the FBI’s lap.

Girl Model strips away the façade of the modeling industry by following two people whose lives intersect because of it.

Ashley is a deeply conflicted American model scout, and 13-year-old Nadya, plucked from a remote Siberian village and promised a lucrative career in Japan, is her latest discovery.

This movie tries to do something different, many people may say it is the same as all slasher films, but this ''girlhouse'' thing is something I had never seen before, and it was very entertaining.

The killer was creepy af, they definitely payed homage to the Texas chainsaw massacre because when the killer wore the mask it was extremely similar.

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